Monday, September 6, 2010

What I've Been Doing...

...oh nothing.  Just creating life....

Now, that is perfection.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rambling Update

I got the word yesterday that I have a little over two weeks before I get induced. This is a two-edged sword. I am the type of person who would have my baby at home, if I could. I'm high-risk in multiple categories, so I couldn't. I insisted on the least amount of ultrasounds and forewent the amniocentisis.

However, in addition to the medical conditions that I started out with, I've developed pre-eclampsia and so, will have to be induced at 37 weeks. Besides a c-section, inducement is a worst-case scenario for me. Extremely difficult to do without an epidural (I'm going to try, but I'm not going to be a hero), and it tends to lead to more and more intervention...more difficult delivery, forceps, vacuum, and in almost all cases, the aforementioned epidural. Not to mention, a higher incidence of the dreaded c-section.

I have had a difficult pregnancy and it is a miracle that my Little Man has made it this far. My high-risk doctor performed my final ultrasound (grand total of 3, one was an emergency in month two) yesterday and said that my son looks like a million bucks. But, the longer he stays in, the more dangerous it becomes for him. So, inducement in two weeks, while not my dream situation, it is the best thing for baby. The only intervention I've managed to escape is the amnio. Usually when a baby is induced before 39 weeks, they require one. But, since they are going to take him at 37 weeks no matter what, it is not necessary. Score one for Momma.

During this gestation, I've had very limited energy.  I've had about two good workable hours most days.  Some, I haven't gotten out of bed, except to go to the bathroom every hour.  So, I've had to streamline my activities.  I am also getting a sense of a new set of priorities.  I guess I'm going through the transition from Mom-to-be to Mom-in-living-color.  Since I've had limited workable hours, I've focused on my home and family almost exclusively.  No journaling, no working on my novel, no socializing (almost none), and very little blogging. 

I have been doing a wee bit of writing, though.  I've outlined a book (working five minutes at a time, here and there) on my family's frugal lifestyle.  I got the idea when my sister came to visit last month.  She commented on what a high quality of life we had on such a little bit of money.  I even sent her home with a tip that will save her two dollars every time she goes to Starbucks (that really impressed her.)  So, little by little, I started taking notes on strategies we've developed over the last six years of marriage.  I was stunned when my outline reached three single-spaced pages.  I had never thought about our lifestyle in a structured way before, but we have amassed quite a stash of frugal knowledge.

I've been amazed at how happy I am when I am working on this project.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing fiction.  But, I never have had the feeling that I was doing anything important.  But, with this project, I feel that I could have a true, positive impact on a lot of families who are going through tough times.  Not to get too mushy, but I think that Little Man's impending arrival has refocused my energies and I, too, am going through a birth, of sorts.  I hope it sticks. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Other Blog

Just for fun, I've started another is about all the fun my family has saving money.  I know that doesn't sound like much fun.  We are southerners stuck in NY for a twelve year span. We have seven more to go.  The cost of living is OUTRAGEOUS.  We are not only trying to survive, but have enough money to finish college for ourselves, send Lil' Bit to college, pay off all of our debt, and buy a house down south when we leave.  These are rather lofty goals considering our cash flow. 

The only way to do it is to have an extremely tight budget.  Budgets are no fun, but we've managed to make saving money a game.  We all try to outdo the other in making a buck stretch.  For example, The Big Guy bought a brand new bread machine at a yard sale last year for $1.  Lil' Bit bought a full-sized Sanyo keyboard for $8 two weeks ago.  These are just two of our many, many frugal victories.  Anyway, I started that blog to cheer our family on in our Low Falutin' ways.  Stop by if you like to save a buck.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Re-visiting the Anti in Anti-Perfection

So, I had a minor freak-out last night about all the things that I'm not accomplishing. My gentle husband had to remind me that the only thing I have to do, grow our son, is progressing nicely. Everything else is incidental. I love it when he puts things in perspective for me.

This was me two months ago...I am now officially humongous.

Taken about two hours ago.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Great Silence…broken

Since the Great Egg Fertilization of 2009, I've been reduced to about two, maybe three good hours of energy a day. I have been under a couple of deadlines that had to be met. Therefore, I have had to streamline my day to just the bare essentials. I did manage to finish my bookkeeping course on schedule. Barely. And my apartment no longer looks like Sid and Nancy live here. I can now resume my pleasure activities…writing, sewing, shaving my legs…oh wait, what?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Checking In

Hi All,
My computer crashed and I've been without the net for a week...aaaagh! I bought a netbook yesterday to fill the gap. It has taken me four hours to write this (tiny keyboard.) More to come....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gaming the Lemon Tree

Ah, procrastination.  Where would I be without you?  Probably in my beach-side condo enjoying the fruits of my best-selling novel, stopping only to refresh my mojito and consult with my stock broker.  But, alas you are a lemon tree.  Generous in providing a constant supply of lemons for my lemonade making pleasure.  Can I game the Lemon Tree?  Can I actually use procrastination to my benefit? 

Ways I creatively procrastinate:

Scenario 1 - I've been putting off starting a big project.  I also hate doing the dishes.  So, I decide that I only have to set up my project and get started on the first part.  I get the project set up and all of a sudden, those dishes have to be washed right now, by gum.  This works so well, that sometimes I'll pull out the big project even when I don't need to work on it, just to scare myself into doing chores. 

Scenario 2 - I've hit a slow spot in my WIP.  All of a sudden, that idea that has been percolating in the back of my head starts demanding attention.  Write me now, write me now.  In the past, I would just drop what I was doing and run after the new shiny.  But, I've learned to seduce myself with the new activity.  If I get one more page done, then I can procrastinate with the new idea.  Then working on the new thing seems more like a guilty pleasure than work. 

Scenario 3 - Reading.  OMG, I love to read.  You see the books I've read column?  Those are only the ones I've finished.  Multiply that by about four or five, to account for the ones I scanned or didn't finish, and you get some kind of idea of my literary appetite.  *I used to finish every book I started, but if it doesn't do it for me, away it goes.  Life is too short for sucky books.*  When I'm in a big project, I limit my reading to books on writing and those in my genre (unless a book comes out by a favorite author, like today.) Go, Kim, Go.
  That way, if the reading jones hits me too hard, I am still working.  I'm reading about my craft or doing market research. 

There are so many activities to choose from during my day.  I try to keep a steady supply of profitable ones in rotation, so that if I'm running from one, I'm still moving forward.  For someone like me, with a short attention span, it is a remarkably efficient way to stay on track. 

What ways do you all have to creatively procrastinate?

Here's an interview with Ms. Harrison. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Putting the Smackdown on Perfectionism

The main reason that I started this blog was to put the smackdown on my ridiculous perfectionism.  But, this last week or so it has reared its ugly head.  I've found myself not posting because I didn't have that perfect topic.  So, in the spirit of anti-perfectionism, here is a possibly lame update on what is going on in Aprilville. 

In my last post, I mentioned that I applied to be an editor at BellaOnline.  Well, I didn't get it.  They gave it to some Dr. Whateverhernameis.  The nerve.  Moving on.  I also submitted four articles for review at Constant Content.  I was amazed when the first was approved.  They are notorious for being grammar snobs.  I, however, am not.  So, after a gazillion rewrites, I hit submit.  It took five days, but my first article was approved.  Then I submitted another.  Repeat acceptance process two more times. 

Yesterday morning, I woke up to find an offer for one of my articles.  What?  Someone wants to buy what I've written?  Yowza.  So I accepted the offer and have my first sale.  That was an amazing feeling.  Of course, now I'm stalking my account, psychicly willing my articles to sell. 

I've also managed to put together a complete outline for a novel.  I've been toying with this idea for a while.  It keeps morphing on me though, and I haven't been able to hold it down long enough to write the damn thing.  Hopefully, this outline will help. 

Now that I've got a strangle-hold on the perfectionism, I can tackle my procrastination.  Maybe later.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Brave New World...or things that make me sick....

Pregnancy has brought radical change to our household.  My husband is working longer hours and I'm not working any at all.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I'm not working outside the house, but I have quite a few projects that I am working on. 

My picture perfect goals have jumped track.  That is not a bad thing, just means that I have to do a major realignment.  That and wash the dishes.  OMG, do I have morning sickness or what?!  Between bouts of nausea, I applied as an editor at BellaOnline and submitted my first article at Constant Content.  If you are a writer and haven't checked out that site, stop what you are doing and go right now.  Pushy, ain't I?

The accounting goals are temporarily on the back burner.  My husband wants me to be a stay-at-home mom.  That is fine with me, but I have to DO something.  So, this is the perfect opportunity for me to concentrate on my writing.  The first drafts of which I'm doing longhand.  Why?  I'm glad you asked.  Let me refer you to the list of things that make me sick:

1. Being on the computer for longer than ten minutes - must be something with my sensitive inner ear, weird
2. Almost all meat - apparently the little tyke is a vegetarian, thanks
3. Pears - huh?
4. Smells - this runs in the family, my Papa says that my Nana can still smell the frankincense and myrhh from the first Christmas
5. Being in a car - inner ear
6. Lying down - indigestion
7. Standing up - ?
8. Eating
9. Not eating
10. blah, blah, blah

Oh, the joys of the first trimester.  I've heard that it gets better around week 14.  I'm in week 8 *sobs unconsolably*.  I'm such a wussy.

But, I am very grateful for this baby, nauseaus vegetarian and all.

On the upside, both reading and writing take my mind off of everything else, so I'm doing a lot more of each.  Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Have you ever heard the saying, "if you don't want something to happen, don't write it down"?  It is a favorite of me Dad's.  You might have wondered why I put down mother as one of my goals in the last post. 

My husband and I have wanted children since we got married almost six years ago.  We've been tested and prodded and I have taken fertility pills to no avail.  I actually was starting to enjoy the idea of being childless.  Well, not completely childless.  I have a step-daughter, Lil Bit, that rocks my world.  She isn't with us full-time, though, and I was starting to enjoy the idea of not adding to the brood (although, I hadn't given up, just accepted). 

Well, if you've been wondering where I've been...I've had morning sickness.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG. 

We changed our diet the day after Thanksgiving to a low-carbish system.  Then next month...BAM!  So, I was already preggers when I wrote my last post.  I just thought it was funny.  I've never written mother as a goal before and then this happens.  I got a kick out of it. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been thinking about how full my goal list is.  Become an accountant, real-estate developer, novelist, mother, invent know, the usual.  When the goal list is as crowded as this, where do you find the time to make progress on them all? 

Sliders.  No, not the little hamburgers, you're on your New Year's diet, anyway.  I'm talking about little things you can slide into your day. 

Take my list, for example.  I am learning to become an accountant.  That is taking up the main bulk of my discretionary time.  But, every couple of days I log onto Craigslist and to check the housing prices in my target area.  I'm not at the point where I have the time or money to achieve my goal of becoming a real-estate developer on the Gulf Coast.  I can, however, build my knowledge of the subject.  This way, when the time comes for me to move to the coast, I have knowledge of housing trends over several years and am ahead of the game.

I also have the goal of becoming a published author.  I don't have a good solid chunk of time to spend every day in pursuit of this goal, but I can slide it in between other tasks.  Tonight is the once-a-month meeting of the sci-fi writing group at the local bookstore.  My husband has an errand he has to run on that side of town and I'm getting him to drop me off and come pick me back up when he is done.  Two hours from the time I leave the house until I return.  My time budget can spare that once a month.  I just slide it right in.  It is not a big commitment, but it keeps the goal alive and anchored in my mind.

I also try to keep a notepad and a book with me wherever I go.  The book is for filling my word well and the notebook is for fishing from it.  I can do either in ten minute increments throughout the day.  Traffic was unusually light and I got to work ten minutes early.  Great, I pull out my notebook and jot down a bit of dialogue that has been bouncing around my head or a topic for the next blog post.  The line at the deli is super long?  Great, I read a chapter in my book and turn a frustrating situation into a step forward. 

Because I have limited time, I try to leverage my sliders for maximum benefit.  I want the activity to accomplish one of three things.
1. build connections with others with similar goals - support is critical in goal-achievement (writing groups, or supporting a fellow blogger)
2. builds knowledge (reading books and blogs on target subject, doing a bit of homework, studying target market)
3. concrete production (writing that is project specific, taking a certification exam - *I have one that is going to take 45 minutes online, that I have to squeeze in sometime in the next week*)

As for cold-fusion, there is a documentary on Tesla that I've been meaning to watch.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Book List

In a blatant rip-off of Lt. Cccyxx over at Skullcrusher Mt., I'm starting a "Books I've Read This Year" list.  I was trying to do it on Shelfari, but it is too many hoops to jump through.  If you notice, the over-achieving bastard already has a book on his list for 2010.  I've got about five going now, but the current favorite is Sword in the Storm by David Gemmell.  If I ever finish it, it will be posted where my Shelfari used to be.  That is all.

Hello 2010!

I am so excited about this new year.  Not that I hated 2009, but growing pains are, well, painful.  I did, however, make significant progress towards my MAG.  I refined what i wanted my life to look like and made measurable steps.

My husband and I live in New York, and will for the next seven years.  That is when my step-daughter, Lil' Bit, graduates high school.  The plan is to then move to Bay St. Louis, MS, where we will be self-employed accountants and renovate houses.  We will work crazy hours Feb-Apr and go to the beach every day in the summer.  Then we will drive into New Orleans for the weekends for the best food and partying in the world. 

When Katrina hit, all but five hundred of the eight thousand housed in Bay St. Louis were destroyed.  The community has made great strides in recuperating.  There has been reconstruction, but it is going slowly.  We want to contribute to the revival.  There will still be many opportunities, in seven years, for us to make a difference.

To that end, we accomplished several things in 2009.  My husband enrolled in a one-year accounting program.  I enrolled in a bookkeeping certificate program and income tax preparation class.  I have passed all the tests for the bookkeeping class.  I have only my graduation project to complete.  I completed the income tax class and made some great new friends in the process.  I was also offered (and accepted) a position for the tax season.

In 2009, I complete my first short story ever.  Well, amend that...I finished the first draft of my first short story ever.  I've started many, many stories.  My internal editor always sabatoged me after a few pages.  But, I managed to put an entire story to paper.  Beginning, middle, and end.  I also started this here blog, pardner.

Now for 2010.  As I've mentioned, I don't make huge resolutions.  I take this time to realign my goals, if I need to.  Well, as the preposition at the end of the last sentence might have led you to believe, I need to better my grammar.  I have a bright, shiny new grammar book waiting for me.  I will be placing it by my bedside. 

Also, I'm not going to resolve to go to the gym every day.  I currently make it every two weeks.  I know, I'm lazy.  So, I think reasonable improvement would be once a week.  I am a bartender and that is a physically active position.  So, the situation is not as dire as it would appear.  But, these flabby arms are that dire. 

I resolve not to freak out on customers during tax season.  Okay, that might be unreasonable.  I resolve not to freak out and use obscenities.  I will finish my bookkeeping certificate and enroll in the one-year accounting program.  I will also rewrite and submit my story.

Not too much.  All realistic and attainable.  More importantly, all move me closer to the life I want to lead.

So, hello 2010! And Happy New Year to you all.