Friday, April 1, 2011

Super-Secret Project

I've started to become very superstitious when it comes to my writing.  This comes from analyzing my failed attempts at finishing a book.  My process usually looks something like this:  I get really excited about a project, I get the darned thing outlined, I start writing, and then I start talking about it.  It is this "talking about it" part that I am growing excessively superstitious about.  What happens is that I get so excited about my project, I use up all my creative energy talking, talking, talking.  Then, when I sit down to write...nothing. 

So, I'll say, I'm working on something very exciting.  Possibly life-changing.  But, I'm saving the details for the page.  I have a workable outline.  I am going to have to streamline it, though.  It is non-fiction and that is new for me.  Okay, off to do some research.

photo by Michal Marcol

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